What can People Really See?

This week we were challenged to take a look at our social media platforms and find what our socials say about who we are as educators, as well as how restricted they are.


I wanted to begin by simply googling myself to see which social platform would come up first.  What I found that my blog is the first thing that comes up.

The fact that this was the first thing that was brought up is a good thing.  Being able to control my digital identity online is a great start to my future career.  As well on my blog, I am able to write exactly what I want to be perceived about me without any outside interference.  On my blog, the public is able to see everything that I write as well, there are links to my other media where they can learn more about me.

Next what I found was my LinkedIn.  Although I don’t use my LinkedIn, it is another media that could possibly be used to connect with the education community.  The only information on my LinkedIn thus far is my name and where I attend University.

Next what I found was my twitter account.  I only use this in regards to the education program as well as connection with other educators and collecting beneficial resources that can aid as a future educator.  On Twitter, I don’t necessarily have the strictest privacy settings, but that is because if someone is looking into the kind of resources that I have shared or on how I use the platform, they are able to see my unobstructed feed.   This as well as an appropriate photo of me, which is beneficial to show who I am.  My cover photo on Twitter isn’t the most appropriate for a future educator, but I find that it is appealing and shows some of my personality.

Then the other two social media that I tend to use would be Instagram and Facebook.

Beginning with Instagram, I find that the privacy settings are really well done.  There is a way to hide everything on your Instagram except your name, your profile picture, and anything you put in your description unless the person is following you.  And using this setting, you are able to choose who follows you.

Finally, there is Facebook.  What I have found is that Facebook is one of the least private social media that someone can have.  I would like to take a closer look at the settings to protect my posts and photos from students, parents, and others from accessing my facebook.  Although I make it a point to only post things that I would be okay with people seeing.  As well I make sure that anything that I am tagged in by my friends is of the same quality as I would post.

If the person that is searching for me doesn’t have a facebook account, you cannot access my feed simply by searching my name.

Hopefully going forward I can look further into my setting in all of my social media pages to increase what people see so that I can control exactly what people see of me.



2 thoughts on “What can People Really See?”

  1. Hi Kiera,

    Just so you’re aware, when I click your “EDTC 400” tab under “Courses” in your menu, the only blog posts that appear are What Can People Really See and Let Me Introduce Myself. Maybe you just haven’t gotten a chance to post yet, but if that’s not the case then I wonder if you just forgot to tag your latest posts. I was forgetting to this in the first few weeks and caught on because I wasn’t receiving any comments!

    I hope this helps,


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