A Little About Me

This is actually my second blog, but the first one was made when I was around 10 and it’s full of topics that would be interesting for that age group.  So this is the first real blog that I’ve ever had.Grad Photo

I am currently a second year student at the University of Regina.  I am in the secondary education program with my major being mathematics, and my minor being choral.  I chose math because throughout my education experience from kindergarten to grade 12 I have been good at math.  Even though when I was younger if you would have told me that I was going into education, I would agree.  But if you told younger me that I was going into education with math, I would’ve laughed and disagreed.  In the past few years I have found my love for everything math.  The other half of my life is full of music.  That is why I chose choral as my minor.  I have a passion for amazing arrangements and the process of learning and performing music in a choir setting.

I have lived in Regina my whole life.    I graduated from Campbell Collegiate in spring of 2017.  I tend to spend my summers working either at a part time job in Regina, or as of the recent summer, working full time in Cypress Hills at The Resort at Cypress Hills.  Also allowing some volunteering time at Camp Shagabec, which is also in the the Cypress Hills park.  I definitely recommend it to anyone that loves being outdoors and experiencing nature.  A few things about myself are that my life is surrounded by music, whether that is listen to live music, listening to music through my headphones, or just singing out loud.  I also love to bake, I have been baking since I was little.  I learned from watching family and friends, then deciding I wanted to take the reigns on the delicious treats that were in our house.  I am a tea fanatic, and love trying new teas and indulging in classic teas.Shaga Grad Picture

I have never actually professionally blogged, and am interested to see if I can figure out the technology of it all.  Stay tuned to see how this goes.